Dental Agreements

Updated 04/10/2017

Negotiations have commenced with the Victorian Hospitals Industrial Association (VHIA) for new multiple employer agreements covering Dental Therapists, Hygienists, and Oral Health Therapists.

CPSU is represented by Wayne Townsend, Senior Industrial Officer; Tan Nguyen and Mariana Cassini (both of whom are also ADHOTA officers).

ADHOTA has also employed a researcher to assist with background information for the negotiations.

By now all employees should have received a Notice of Employee Representational Rights from your employer.

CPSU is the default bargaining representative on behalf of its members and, as a member, you do not have to reply to this notice.

Let a colleague know that the best way to have your voice heard and your views represented is by being a CPSU member.

Get a colleague to join CPSU today.

The parties have reached in principle agreement about modernising the agreements in line with agreements applying elsewhere in the sector. This will assist both employers and employees so that the various agreements applying in the health and community sectors are not significantly different from each other.

Unfortunately there will continue to be a need for separate agreements for the public health and community sector due to different funding arrangements.

CPSU wants the same rates and classification arrangements to apply but it is not clear yet whether this is achievable.

We have NOT received a pay offer.

In the funded public health sector the Victorian Government requires agreements to contain a service delivery partnership plan (SDPP). CPSU has identified the December 2016 Victorian Audit report Access to Public Dental Services in Victoria as a reference point for inclusion as the SDPP.

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