EO's Reach Agreement

Updated 24/01/2018

CPSU and the Independent Bargaining Representatives (IBRs) reached ‘in principle agreement’ with the Parliament of Victoria (PoV) acting on behalf of the Presiding Officers for a new Electorate Officer Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) yesterday in Fair Work. 

This 'in principle' agreement is subject to the detail of EBA clauses being ticked off and these will be put forward by PoV to CPSU and the IBRs. 

Prior to Christmas in Fair Work negotiations were on the verge of breaking down and CPSU put a proposal to PoV for the consideration of the Presiding Officers and we are glad to say that this proposal has been agreed to in its entirety.

The key components of the agreement are as follows:

  • 3.25% per annum salary increase with the first increase of 3.25% back dated to 1 January 2018
    (please note that PoVs figures for the salary increase over the life of the agreement do not include the compounding effect and will actually be more than the stated 11.25% in their offer as each additional pay component is multiplied not added).
  • Sign on bonus of $1,500 per full time employees or pro rata for part time employees.
  • An increase of the Workload Management Allowance from 3% to 4%.
  • Top of Grade 1% performance bonus for satisfactory completion of performance assessment.
  • Gender Neutral Parental Leave provisions.
  • Inclusion of Family Violence Leave provisions.
  • Clarification of salary on appointment against salary on promotion.
  • Improved Compassionate and Cultural Leave provisions.

The agreement will be for 4 years from the date of expiry of the old agreement therefore the new agreement will expire in September 2020.

Two very important claims of the Union have been agreed outside of the new EBA which are:

  • The addition of .5 FTE for each Electorate Office announced by the Government at the last budget.
  • The option for each Electorate Office to have a Grade 3 and two grade 2s which was part of the offer to the Union yesterday. [PoV Members Guide to Offer]. 

I believe that the negotiations for a new EBA, although protracted, have resulted in some important gains for Electorate Officers.

These gains have been achieved by the power and persistence of Union members. 

I take this opportunity to thank our Electorate Officer CPSU Delegates, Steve Gagen, Mark Gazic, Steph Wulf and David Mejia-Canales for all their hard work to achieve this outcome. 

CPSU will be working with PoV to finalise the EBA so that it can be put to ballot of all Electorate Officers for approval.

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