Close Shaves Ordered

Updated 03/04/2018

Acting Commissioner, Rod Wise notified CPSU that he had asked prison General Managers to commence discussions with our local groups about reducing operating expenses and identifying savings that can be made within prisons.

CPSU representatives met with the Acting Commissioner to clarify his expectations regarding these discussions and also to convey a number of concerns that had been raised by members.

The Acting Commissioner made his expectations very clear:

Prison General Managers should be holding discussions
with CPSU local groups to work through any proposals or ideas to find savings.

This is not about GMs unilaterally making changes or imposing their ideas on prisons.

The Acting Commissioner was also very clear that any proposals must not compromise the safety of prison officers, and are not about reducing staffing levels.

It is the intention of this direction that GMs and Local Groups work together to identify common-sense approaches.

The Acting Commissioner has provided some examples of what this may include, such as:

  • Examining or re-examining the identification and use of low priority posts;
  • The process to be followed in covering shifts where there is a higher than anticipated level of unplanned leave;
  • The temporary closure of areas or units in order to free up staff who may be redeployed elsewhere within the prison; or
  • An internal redeployment policy where staffing levels in one area might temporarily exceed the number required to deliver the service (eg. in reception when the number of prisoners received is fewer than expected, or visits when the demand is low.

CPSU is aware that some prison GMs have begun implementing changes without discussion with CPSU local groups.

These changes/prisons will be referred to Corrections Victoria.

If you have any concerns or are aware of changes that are being made without discussion with your local group, members are encouraged to contact CPSU Organisers Gary Greaves or Clay O’Brien or call CPSU on (03) 9639 1822 or 1800 810 153 toll free.

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