DWELLING: Housing Workload - New Rent Model

Updated 22/04/2016

CPSU and a Housing working party of our Branch Section delegates have met regularly with the Director of Housing Richard Deyell and his team.  A series of meetings identified processes which could be streamlined to deliver reduced workloads.  Models were examined to address fences and other maintenance issues. 

Moe Call centre was visited to contextualise the service in terms of Housing officers at Metropolitan and regional offices.  The working party’s concerns regarding the new rent Model were provided as feedback to Director Richard Deyell and his team.  Further meetings up to and beyond the roll out date of April 2008 are scheduled. 

DHS envisage the new rent model will deliver a significant reduction in workload.  The working group is also cautiously optimistic.

CPSU and its Housing Branch section delegates strongly believe for a sustainable workload situation to exist we must maintain the current number of Housing officers.   

It is likely the State Government will consider the relationship between reduced workload across the Office of Housing in terms of the number of Housing officers.

CPSU has directly raised our concerns with the office of the Minister for Housing.

Under no circumstances will CPSU agree to staff cuts which will effectively cancel any reduction in workload delivered by the new rent model.

Tasks such as rent arrears, MCATS and other processes to recover debt require staff.

Currently these functions which are a high priority suffer due to conflicting operational requirements.  

Early intervention has been identified as a favorable strategy to address asset management and debt recovery.  Breaking the cycle will have positive net results.

A stronger bottom line and a sustainable client service delivery model require staff, not staff cuts.

Support your colleagues in our Housing Branch section fight to deliver sustainable workload and maintain housing officer numbers so you can enjoy working in an environment with a manageable workload.  

Join the Union so you can protect your conditions and entitlements.

Members requiring further details on the campaign to reduce workload should contact their CPSU Industrial Organiser Mark Tipping on 9639 1822


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CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

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