Members on Fixed Term Contracts Converted

Updated 14/04/2022

Good news! Members on fixed-term contracts whose work is considered ongoing in the new structure should have their role converted to ongoing, subject to approval by the Secretary.

DoT is currently in the process of communicating this to affected staff by email.

If you are on fixed-term contract and are performing ongoing work but have not heard from DoT about your situation, please let us know ASAP.

As a matter of urgency, email both Joey Bradford and Belinda Thalakada notifying us that you are yet to hear from DoT about your role and we will follow this up for you on your behalf.

Please note this does not apply to staff who are on fixed-term contracts for back filling a role.

As CPSU has already resolved the situation for many members on fixed-term contracts who in all likelihood will be made ongoing, we ask that you talk to your coworkers who are in a similar situation about joining the union today .

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