Time taken to Log-in Win

Updated 15/09/2022

CPSU is pleased to advise that recent discussions with management at Information and Dispute Settlement Centre (IDSC) have been productive and led to positive outcomes.

Union wins

Members reported that setting up workstations at GovHub before logging onto TouchPoint in time to accrue flex time had the potential to cumulatively add up to as much as 40 hours a year in unpaid time.

Your CPSU delegate advocated expertly on behalf of IDSC members and we were able to reach agreement with management on solutions addressing issues around unpaid time and admin time.

In response, management has since advised you are able to claim flex time from 8:50am if you are logged into touchpoint by 9:00am.

Further, members flagged an issue of inequity in the application of sufficient time in the rostered day for completing important administrative tasks – such as time sheets and catching up on emails.

Going forward, management will now ensure that 5 minutes ‘admin time’ is accessible for all Enquiries Officers, Senior Enquiries Officers and Escalations Officer every day

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