National Cabinet extends Pandemic Payment

Updated 15/09/2022

National Cabinet has agreed to extend the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment at current rates beyond September 30 and will remain payable for as long as mandatory isolation periods are applied by all states and territories. However, National Cabinet agreed to cap at three the maximum number of PLDP claims an individual can make in a six month period, with 50:50 cost-sharing arrangements between the Federal and State Governments and Territories to continue.

The payments can be claimed by workers who have no sick leave entitlements, including pandemic sick leave, personal leave or leave to care for another person, and who have liquid assets of less than $10,000.

Eligible claimants can obtain $450 if they have lost at least eight hours or a full day's pay, but less than 20 hours; or $750 if they lost 20 hours or more of work.

Services Australia data also indicated that, over the six months to June 30 this year, 60% of claims involved individuals who claimed more than once, with about 13% claiming four or more times, which worked out to a claim every six and half weeks or more.

Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly gave a briefing to today's National Cabinet meeting, saying that infections in aged care are a quarter of the level at the end of July and the lowest that they have been this year.

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