PS Election Survey of Political Parties

Updated 24/10/2022

Our members deserve to know what type of employer to expect for the next 4 years.

CPSU has written seeking the views of all major political parties prior to the State Election on issues that are the heart of the employment relationship between a government and its workforce so our members can choose their Employer. 

Whilst each major party seeks to govern Victoria and presents policies to the electorate for consideration, CPSU is interested in ascertaining views on matters that directly impact on the staff that will be employed under the political party(s) that form(s) Government.

CPSU developed a set of questions for the parties contesting this election which we've asked each to answer for publication.

In order to help our members choose their employer, the answers along with all the other responses will be distributed unedited to the public sector workforce in order for them to make an informed choice on November 26th 2022.

In the event a party chooses not to respond this will also be conveyed to our members.

Choose Your Employer


Bargaining OHS and Employee Relations.

    Will you agree to implement true industry bargaining with a single Agreement for VPS and wider sector staff in our coverage?
    Will you agree to pilot a four-day week for VPS and wider sector staff?  Or the addition of a 19-day month? Or the addition of an extra week of annual leave?
    What is your parties PS wages policy and how will it address the cost of living for VPS and wider sector staff?
    Will you remove the wage cap and actually bargain under new industrial relations laws?
    Will you commit to no redundancies in the VPS and wider sector?
    Will you commit to maintaining flexible work options for VPS and wider sector staff?
    Will you commit to 26 weeks paid parental leave for both parents for fairer families and workplaces.
    Will you legislate to make WorkSafe independent from PS Department employers and report directly to Parliament.
    Will you update referral to ensure Federal IR changes to sex discrimination, bullying, and bargaining apply to Victorian public sector?

Resourcing for the future.

    Will you agree to remove the current budget settings that place a cap on staffing?
    Will you remove the efficiency dividend and fully fund the delivery of Government programs?
    What are your regional development plans for VPS and wider sector staff whose Department or Agency is currently City or Metropolitan based?
    Will you work with CPSU to further develop cadetship scheme to improve the intake into VPS to ensure the VPS reflects the community that it serves?
    Will you review the contracts of outsourced service providers to ensure they are compliant with the Jobs Code?

Addressing staff shortages

    How will you address excessive workloads which contribute to the increase of stress and mental health claims?
    Will you agree to assist higher education degree mandated occupations by reimbursing HECS fees?
    Will you agree to assist filling job vacancies in regional areas with salary incentives?

Learning and Development and support

    Will you commit to continue recognised short course delivery and extend the stackable training options of Learning and Development need such as data analysis?
    Will you empower the Public Service Commissioner to be to direct PS employers?

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