Batt Celebrates 30 Years as Secretary

Updated 07/07/2023

Thank you for all the well wishes Karen has received over the last few days in acknowledgement of her 30 Years as Secretary.

The celebration was just awesome as are our members across the country who work so hard to deliver public services.

As is often reflected upon, we are  costed but not always valued but I feel very valued and honored to have been here to advocate for better services on your behalf and Karen will keep speaking out to protect jobs and communities who need strong public services.

Celebration PICS


Karen was elected Secretary in 1993, the first elected Secretary and first women to be elected Secretary in our union’s 100 year history at the time. 

Her union involvement pre dates 1993 however having been 1st elected as the Statutory Authorities rep to VPSA State Council in 1989 and then became Senior VP in 1991.

Over 30 years as Secretary Karen has seen seven (7) Premiers, nine (9) Parliaments, won eight (8) victorian union elections plus was elected our Federal Secretary in 2012 and since in 2016 and 2021.

Karen's an ACTU VP and an executive member.

Karen was elected Trades Hall President 1995 – 1998 and was at the helm of the Victorian union response during the maritime dispute. 

Karen was made a life member of our union in 2009.

Congratulations on your achievement Karen - 30 years