VPS 2024 - Bargaining Update - Member Info Sessions

Updated 27/03/2024

PowerPoint slides from our member info sessions this week are available along with a recording of Briefing #2 (jump to 3.45 for session start)

We should have more progress to report to members early to mid next week.  

PowerPoint summary;

Money - On the table now is 3% p.a., with effective dates to be finalised if there’s an in–principle agreement reached, plus from VPS 2020 the 1.25% superable mobility allowance payment continues which is calculated at top of grade from 1st July each year, plus a cost of living cash payment roughly equivalent to $5,500 per EFT pro rata for part timers which is cash equivalent of approx. another 6% if you earn under $100K or 8% if you earn under $70K, plus the 2% progression payments, if eligible, continue to apply or the 1% top of Grade payment in lieu if you are at the top of Grade.  

CPSU claimed 20% (7%,5%, 4%, 4%) over 4 years and so far this offer amounts to 17% then the cost of living payment is added extra cash.

Discussing wording around 4DWW as Govt adamant it is opposed because they’re worried about backlash but might agree to exploring flexible and hybrid work pilots as part of any trials.  Working on wording to try and reach agreement here but we are adamant the 4DWW 100-80-100 model must be part of any pilot(s) (trial).

Gender Equality items include agreement to extend superannuation on paid and unpaid parental leave to 104 weeks so doubling the existing entitlement.  There will also be additional leave available for reproductive requirements to assist people experiencing symptoms associated with Endometriosis, PCOS, and complicated pregnancies.
Leave can also be used for fertility treatments (IVF) with details still to be resolved.

Overtime eligibility caps to be removed for VPS G5-7 or equivalent with TOIL compensation being discussed as a commitment and tied into Agreement by the BPEC (Better Practice Employment Commitment) to bring this about consistently across the different departments and employing agencies.

Right to disconnect from FW Act will be included in agreement as well as improvements to our existing working reasonable hours entitlement.

The new Fair Work Act has more protection for fixed term and casual employees with fixed term employment limit moves from 3 to 2 years.  

Delegate rights. FW Act provides protections for delegates with our Agreement clauses to be amended to ensure compliance.

There will be improved service continuity between fixed term contracts and new starts and a casual conversion clause (and fixed-term conversion TBC).

Improved requirements on the employer to consider Flexible Working Arrangement and WFH requests along with recognition of previously attained Classification increment for salary purposes when employee returns to VPS in similar role.

Government pay policy affects bargaining and the Victorian Government will not change its policy and has case law that confirms there strong position.

All public sector unions when bargaining need to deal with this issue.

Firefighters, Police, and Ambos dealing with this now. Nurses shortly and Teachers bargaining commences later in 2024.

CPSU wants to provide the available money in members pockets as soon as possible as other industrial options would lead to a lengthy protracted dead end with the loss of backdating on wages and no new conditions that are currently on the table.

If there is in principle agreement formal Government approval will be sought.  

We then determine how Appendices claims to be resolved. In past where no agreement status quo retained

CPSU Victorian Branch Council will decide whether to accept and Heads of agreement is signed between parties to complete agreement and lock in operative dates.

Ballot process under FW Act requires vote of all employees covered by the agreement and this would be some months away.

Other considerations that apply are Superannuation increases of 0.5% this year and next un-absorbed as well as stage 3 amended tax changes from 1 July 2024.


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