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Campaigns are the lifeblood of our union. From enterprise bargaining to specific workplace issues campaigns are about members influencing and improving their workplaces.

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CPSU is always campaigning for better working conditions and entitlements. These campaigns range from regular enterprise bargaining campaigns to improve existing conditions of employment, to campaigns against changes occuring in workplaces that may reduce the conditions for CPSU members.

CPSU has a team which is there for you with the resources and experience to help you put colour into campaign/recruitment efforts.

Call the union and speak with their Membership Development Team Organiser.

Past Campaigns

Restorative Engagement and Redress Scheme

Any former or current Victoria Police employee, including VPS staff, who have experienced sexual harassment or sex discrimination in the workplace can now apply to the new Restorative Engagement and Redress Scheme. 

The Minister for Police and Emergency Services Lisa Neville announced today the start of the new scheme, which is administered by the Department of Justice and Community Safety, independently of Victoria Police. 

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Workers for Myanmar

Trade unionists and supporters from around the world are joining the Global Noise Barrage making some noise in solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

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Worth 100%

The gender pay gap in the Victorian Public Service is currently 12%. 

We think women should be paid the same as men. We think women should be offered the same opportunities as men. We think it's time to close the gap. 

There are a number of ways you can get active in your workplace to help close the gap.

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Sign Up a Sister

To mark International Women's Day on March 8 2021, we're running our Sign Up A Sister initiative to grow our CPSU sisterhood.

Having a strong female union membership is vital to progress important issues like closing the gender pay gap, eradicating gender based workplace violence, and protecting paid parental leave rights.

From now until the end of March, if you sign up a sister to CPSU you will go into the running to win two nights at Mount Olive in Daylesford, and the member you sign up will win the same!

Simply mark 
membership form with 'IWD21' and your name under the Campaign Code or referral section. So why not have a chat to the women in your workplace about the benefits of union membership.

The winner will be announced on CPSU Vic’s website on Wednesday 7 April 2021.

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The Real Cost

The Victorian Government has announced its intention to privatise Victoria's Land Titles Office. For 155 years, the Land Titles Office has tirelessly scrutinised every survey, mortgage and transaction on Victoria's four million-odd properties, perfecting this priceless public asset.

Selling the titles office will see annual revenue of up to $300 million stripped from funding other public services like hospitals, roads, and schools, and will also lead to increased costs for Victorians.

Vote like your job depends on it

Every election the Victorian Liberal Party promises not to cut public sector jobs.

Then they do. Every single time. Help save public sector jobs this election.

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