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Annual Financial Report for the year ended 30 June 2023

Updated 11 days ago

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Audited Accounts Released for 2021/22

Updated 1 year ago
Our financial statements for 2021/22 including the independent audited accounts have been released.  The Covid-19 pandemic continued to have a significant impact on the unions operations as we continued to operate remotely due to public health restrictions.  The union continued to operate remotely due to public health restrictions however

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Strong financial result in pandemic affected year 2020/21

Updated 2 years ago

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Financial Statements and Operating Report for 2019/20

Updated 3 years ago
The audited financial statements and report on 2019/20 operations is available with Victorian Public Service (VPS) bargaining negotiations for a new whole of VPS enterprise agreement commencing in July 2019 with bargaining concluding during the reporting period. The

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Year in Review Highlights and Financial Report 2018/19

Updated 4 years ago
CPSU is pleased to release our year in review and financial report for the 2018/19 FYTD with a small surplus $587,663 (2018: $395,109) and member funds growing to $4,324,554 (2018: $3,736,891).   During the year the union continued to represent members in both an individual capacity, collectively, and in policy development forums.  Union staff and Officials have been

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