State-accredited short courses

Developing your career in the public sector

There are seven new state-accredited and nationally recognised short courses available to Public Service workers.

  1. 22547VIC - Course in Public Sector Administration
  2. 22548VIC - Course in Public Sector Investigations
  3. 22549VIC - Course in Public Sector Management
  4. 22550VIC - Course in Public Sector Policy and Project Work
  5. 22551VIC - Course in Public Sector Procurement
  6. 22552VIC - Course in Public Sector Regulatory Compliance
  7. 22553VIC - Course in Public Sector Service Delivery

The courses have been developed by CPSU and VPSC to build capability and capacity in priority roles across the public sector, regardless of government department or public entity domain, to ensure an effective and efficient public sector.

These courses group one enterprise unit of competency (about working effectively in a mobile and flexible public sector) with specific units of competency from the PSP Public Sector Training Package to build industry-identified niche skills required by public sector workers now and for the future.

For 2021-22, CPSU have negotiated that the seven courses will be offered by TAFEs to VPS employees completely free of charge.

Each course:

  • is delivered online and free of charge;
  • requires successful applicants to attend one training session per week for the duration of the course (this training day will run approximately from 9:30am-4pm);
  • requires the successful applicant to complete some reading/assessment tasks outside of class time (approximately 4 hours per training session);
  • provides an introduction to the work specified in the course title
  • complements and provides learners with a pathway into PSP Public Sector Training Package qualifications.

Applicants who wish to register their interest in a short course must have the approval and support of their manager to undertake it, and will be required to provide confirmation of this approval when completing the online EOI.

The target group for these courses during the pilot is VPS workers without relevant qualifications or the skills and knowledge required to work across a range of government areas or who wish to move into different areas of government.

These public sector courses are not aimed at public sector executive staff.

You must be a CPSU member to register your interest for a short course through this website.

Currently there are no scheduled courses. Please check back later.