Building Better Services - VPS Agreement 2024

Updated 18/01/2024

Improving the resources available to build better public services like pay, access to leave, career opportunities and allowances are all spelled out in the VPS Agreement negotiated between CPSU and the Vic Government. 

Negotiations for our next agreement will commence very soon.

CPSU has served the union's claims for our new agreement.  

It was developed in consultation with your workplace delegates and incorporates input from members.

The claim has been served on over 50 employers (public service body heads) which make up the VPS. 

VPS Agreement 2024 comprises core terms and conditions of employment which covers all VPS employers and employees, such as personal leave, pay progression and discipline arrangements.

In addition, appendices claims have been served for departments and agencies that have unique arrangements eg fire management in DEECA.

Bargaining will occur under the protections provided by the federal Fair Work Act and CPSU members are automatically represented.

The first meeting with government negotiators from Industrial Relations Victoria, representing the VPS employers, will take place on Wednesday 27 September.
Both parties have agreed to a renegotiation period from September through to the end of March 2024.  

Our current agreement containing your rights and entitlements remains in place over that period and we’ll keep you updated on how discussions with government are progressing.

Further details will be provided very soon.

In the meantime, if there's anything you'd like to discuss please get in touch with your Workplace Delegate, your Organiser or contact the union office. 

Ask your colleague at work to join so they can also have their voice heard and their views represented.

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