Closing Loopholes Mark 2 passes Senate

Updated 11/02/2024

The union movement has achieved some of the very big reforms that we set our sights on eight years ago that will fundamentally change workers’ rights for the better as well as fixing some of the issues that were outstanding with the Closing Loopholes Bill Mark 2 passing the Senate.

  1. The big ticket items are:

    1.    A definition of “employee” that overturns regressive High Court decisions which opened a path out of employment rights for all workers
    2.    A stronger definition of casual work, a stronger pathway to conversion with FW powers to arbitrate
    3.    The ability of unions to achieve rights for gig economy workers no matter their industry
    4.    A strong floor when the FWC arbitrates intractable disputes so workers cannot go backwards
    5.    The right of all workers to refuse unreasonable demands of employers to monitor or respond to employer contact after paid working hours
    6.    The ability of the FWC to set minimum standards in road transport
    7.    Better right of entry laws to stop wage theft
    8.    Sham contracting provisions
    9.    Unfair contract provisions
    10.    Higher civil penalties for wage theft

This is a huge achievement for our movement and could not have occurred without the determined and united efforts of everyone.

Yours in union pride


Sally McManus
ACTU Secretary

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