VPS 2024 - Comprehensive Benefit Boost to Public Services

Updated 16/04/2024

CPSU and Victoria have today signed a heads of agreement that will deliver improved salaries and new conditions over the next four years.

Pay Increases

•    12.55% salary increase over life of Agreement paid in 3% annual instalments from 1 May of each year.
•    Mobility Allowance (MA) superable payments retained (1.25% calculated at the top of Grade) paid 1st July each year.
•    One off $5,600 lump sum cost of living cash payment per full time employee to be paid as soon as possible after the agreement is approved by the Fair Work Commission (after VPS vote) to employees regardless of classification, who are employed on 28 June 2024.
•    Additional one off $1000 lump sum payment to shift workers (pro-rata for part-time and eligible casual employees) effective 1 October 2024.
•    Performance payments retained (2%) and top of band payments increase to 1.5%.
•    No absorption of pay increases into upcoming employer superannuation increases.

Entitlement Enhancements
•    New leave entitlement of 5 days to recognise an employee's health around reproductive rights, menstruation, and menopause.
•    Ensuring superannuation payments will be made on Primary Caregiver Parental Leave up to 104 weeks (from 52 weeks) and allowing for shift workers on Primary Caregiver or Additional Secondary Caregiver Parental Leave to continue to receive shift penalties they would have received had they not been on leave.
•    A joint feasibility study and working group to explore how alternative ways of work can be implemented in the VPS.
•    An agreed mechanism to compensate additional unpaid hours for Grade 5 and above (or equivalent) employees.
•    New fixed term and casual conversion arrangements, as well as
•    Increased requirements for Employers to give genuine consideration to flexible work requests made by any employee and provide reasons if requests cannot be approved.

A range of other improvements have also been included including improved processes to support flexible and hybrid work in the public service.

All the agency specific appendix negotiations will have to be concluded now within 4 weeks to finalise agreement drafting and receive final approval prior to a ballot of ALL VPS employees.

Congratulations everyone for your everyday work supporting Victorians that has made this outcome possible.


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