State Budget Outcomes

Updated 09/05/2024

CPSU believes striking the balance by generating surpluses to fund big build borrowings while investing in skills to continue delivering vital public services to a growing population during workforce shortages is an achievement and should be stated.

As Victoria's population soars its a huge relief for public services that, after contributing $4-5bill in savings over the last two years, there's no further imposition in this budget. 

There's some stings though including;

  • WIV $8.02million, which represents a reduction of $4.513 million or 36% on last financial year’s budget
    • winding up of the Sick pay guarantee for casuals 9-12 months earlier than it had anticipated.
    • Latrobe Valley Authority will be wound up and the 25-30 positions will either finish as they were on fixed term contracts or where a program transmits to Regional Development Victoria.

PS investments include;


•    $150million for violence prevention, offender monitoring, and victim support which includes;

  1. $42 million for family violence perpetrator case management
  2. $24m to boost information-sharing between frontline staff working with victims.  
  3. $38m for specialist support and temporary visas for victims and survivors
  4. $9.2m to increase the number of staff in Victoria’s family violence workforce
  5. $39 million for Respectful Relationship programs, to prevent family violence

•    $19million to help public housing tenants get their requests for help resolved
•    $95.5million for child protection workforce
•    $132m for Strong Families Safe Children program


•    $82.1million for Creative industries and cultural institutions support  


•    $0.5million for Curriculum and assessment implementation 


•    $4.1million Rental Stress Support Package
•    $20.4million for Common Corporate platforms program  
•    $3.6million for Cyber defense centre  


•    $21.3million for Aviation fire fighting
•    $290million for jobs in forest and fire management
•    $105million to restore native forests, promote biodiversity and maintain access roads
•    $25million to support the State Control Centre EM response
•    $11million to support the work of the Great Outdoors taskforce
•    $85million for agriculture sector and natural environment from biodiversity
•    $44million for EPA to enforce illegal dumping and other waste crimes
•    $17million into state and national parks
•    $300million for managing disaster relief and recovery
•    $15.6million for Aboriginal cultural heritage system support
•    $56.8million for Water health resilience & enjoyment of waterways catchments etc   
•    $12.5million for VicGrid establishment   


•    $12.1million for Justice system costs associated with court programs   
•    $8.5million for Youth justice custodial services
•    $7.9million for Youth justice enhanced bail supervision and support 
•    $106.8million down $14.7million reflecting end to RC one off into Crown for Racing, Gambling, Liquor and Casino Regulation


•    $403.9million in Public Health *    
•    $188.5million for Mental Health Community Support
•    $442million for Health Workforce Training & Development

* Public Health – reduced funding by 135.8m from last year’s budget reflecting completion of COVID-related initiatives and cessation of Commonwealth national partnership on Prevention of Avoidable Hospital Admission, Obesity & Chronic Disease


•    $129.2million up $8.1million for regulation of Commercial Passenger Vehicle Services
•    $357.8million for Land Services


•    $6.3million for Victorian Truth and Justice process 


•    $15.6million for State Revenue Office expanded compliance program

•   No further budget re prioritisation on horizon – only existing processes to be completed


•    $6.9million for Improving amenities for regional tourism   
•    $106.4million up $28.5million for Fishing, Boating and Game Management
•    $296.7million up $178.3million for Regional Development
•    $429.3million up $44.4million for Sport and Recreation


•    $74.1million up $14.6million for Forensic Justice Services
•    $4 499.3million up 9.0million for Policing and Community Safety
•    $291.4million up $5.1million for Fines and Road Safety Enforcement

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