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Community and Public Sector Union Victoria (CPSU)

  • Being a union member means you're never alone when you have problems at work

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    The first step in getting help from the union is to be a member.

    CPSU looks after your industrial issues - that is, issues that affect you and your fellow union members in your workplace. The union is structured to deal with your issues in the following way.

    The first step to getting union help with your issue is to join CPSU.

    Members who join CPSU with a pre-existing work related problem they want addressed will be required to pay a Fee for Service if their case is accepted for representation. Otherwise, limited telephone advice will be provided. Very few applications are accepted for representation when pre-existing.

    Our policy recognises the ongoing contribution of our existing members without whom CPSU would not be able to;

    The policy is designed to encourage employees to join their union when they commence work, rather than only at times of crisis and to contribute to the positive developments at your workplace.

    CPSU relies on membership resources to run all our campaigns and by joining CPSU; you can protect one of your most important assets – your Job!

    Pre-existing Issue Policy

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