Updated 17/07/2024
The office of Births, Deaths and Marriages is currently 100% Victorian Government owned.  That means we all own it, as we should, because of the detailed personal data about our lives that we have stored there, but the Government is considering selling it off to the private sector.The office is critical to all our lives as it records and manages the most intimate personal details of all Victorians.A potential sale is bad news for Victorians for a number of reasons:It will hand over the personal... -->
Updated 07/07/2024
BREAKING NEWSVPS 2024 EA BallotA huge turnout has delivered a resounding YES•    70% of eligible voters voted •    Total votes cast: 39,342 •    Yes: 36,340  92.4% The proposed Agreement will now be lodged with Fair Work for their endorsement and all the dollars under the deal will flow shortly after.Congratulations for the work you did in your workplaces to achieve this strong vote.KAREN BATTCPSU Victorian Branch Secretary... -->
Updated 04/07/2024
Over 31,000 of our VPS workmates have already had their say about their pay.This opportunity only comes around every 4 years so if you haven't had your say yet then isn't it time you voted?Ballot closes Friday night. If you haven't received your vote link which was sent to your work email then contact GoVote at support@govote.com.au or via phone at 1800 919 553.... -->
Updated 25/06/2024
Our new VPS 2024 Agreement also delivers a comprehensive boost to VPS conditions• New leave entitlement of 5 days to recognise an employee’s health around reproductive rights, menstruation, and menopause.• Ensuring superannuation payments will be made on Primary Caregiver Parental Leave up to 104 weeks (from 52 weeks) and allowing for shift workers on Primary Caregiver or Additional Secondary Caregiver Parental Leave to receive shift penalties they would have received had they not been on ... -->
Updated 25/06/2024
CPSU and Victoria signed a head of agreement that will deliver improved salaries and new conditions over the next four years.The proposed Agreement is now being circulated to VPS employees by employing agencies.    It’s time now to vote ‘YES’YES for a BOOST to salaries and a $5,600 cost of living cash paymentYES for a BOOST to entitlementsYES for Alternative Ways of Working feasibilities to improve work/life balanceYES for a BOOST to enforcement of common policiesSummary of the salary a... -->
Updated 18/06/2024
On this day, 17 June 1885, 1000 colonial civil servants crammed into the Athenaeum Theatre in Collins Street to form a union, the Victorian Public Service Association, our Union. “Jack’s as good as his masters” came the cry from all in the hall that day when attempts to delay the vote was soundly defeated and the union was formed. Victoria’s chief astronomer and respected scientist Robert John (James) Ellery was elected the 1st President by acclamation. Our union already had over 5,00... -->
Updated 15/05/2024
The Labor Government’s 2024 Budget is a good budget for working people, with wages forecast to rise, commitments to pay increases in the care economy, cost-of-living support on top of the July 1 tax cuts, and a historic commitment to the jobs we need, including manufacturing jobs in Australia.  Higher wages are the centrepiece of the Federal Budget with real wages going up by 4 percent for this financial year the same amount that they went up in total over the 10 years of the Coalition Govern... -->
Updated 09/05/2024
CPSU believes striking the balance by generating surpluses to fund big build borrowings while investing in skills to continue delivering vital public services to a growing population during workforce shortages is an achievement and should be stated. As Victoria's population soars its a huge relief for public services that, after contributing $4-5bill in savings over the last two years, there's no further imposition in this budget.  There's some stings though including;WIV $8.02mil... -->
Updated 03/05/2024
Employees classified at VPS Grade 5 and above may be expected to undertake reasonable additional hours to support service delivery.  New Overtime arrangements for these employees will be included in the Best Practice Employment Commitment (BPEC) and consequential amendments will be made to clause 41 (reasonable hours of work) of the Agreement to give effect to the BPEC commitment.Overtime (certain provisions), hours of work, and workload review clauses in the Agreement will apply.New guidance i... -->
Updated 02/05/2024
A new reproductive health leave clause providing five days non-cumulative paid leave for full-time employees, pro-rata for part-time employees will be included in the proposed new Victorian Public Service Agreement 2024.Workers can use the leave when they are unable to work because of a reproductive health reason, or when they are receiving treatment for endometriosis or poly cystic ovary syndrome, menopause or menstruation, complications associated with a pregnancy, or if they are receiving fer... -->
Updated 05/03/2024
ACTU Executive calls for increased action to ensure an urgent and lasting ceasefire in Gaza.  The ACTU Executive resolution on Gaza was endorsed by our Victorian Branch Council at its last meeting in February.... -->
Updated 29/02/2024
Our negotiating team is working hard to squeeze out the best possible outcome in the context of the government’s pay policy and are continuing negotiations on smaller changes to improve the Agreement.Key issues that the union remains focused on include:•    Salary Increases – Wages policy provides 3% per annum pay increases, plus CPSU has confirmed the mobility allowance payment from VPS Agreement 2020 of 1.25% every year remains from 1st July 2024 and would apply also in the 2025, 2026... -->
Updated 11/02/2024
The union movement has achieved some of the very big reforms that we set our sights on eight years ago that will fundamentally change workers’ rights for the better as well as fixing some of the issues that were outstanding with the Closing Loopholes Bill Mark 2 passing the Senate. The big ticket items are:1.    A definition of “employee” that overturns regressive High Court decisions which opened a path out of employment rights for all workers2.    A stronger definition of casual wo... -->