Updated 17/07/2024
The office of Births, Deaths and Marriages is currently 100% Victorian Government owned.  That means we all own it, as we should, because of the detailed personal data about our lives that we have stored there, but the Government is considering selling it off to the private sector.The office is critical to all our lives as it records and manages the most intimate personal details of all Victorians.A potential sale is bad news for Victorians for a number of reasons:It will hand over the personal... -->
Updated 18/06/2024
On this day, 17 June 1885, 1000 colonial civil servants crammed into the Athenaeum Theatre in Collins Street to form a union, the Victorian Public Service Association, our Union. “Jack’s as good as his masters” came the cry from all in the hall that day when attempts to delay the vote was soundly defeated and the union was formed. Victoria’s chief astronomer and respected scientist Robert John (James) Ellery was elected the 1st President by acclamation. Our union already had over 5,00... -->
Updated 22/03/2024
CPSU's Victorian Branch Council is made up of the Branch Officers and Branch Councillors elected for a four year term from each of the ten Branch Electorates.The number of Branch Councillors from each electorate will vary according to the size of the electorate.The Branch Council is subject to the lawful direction of the Federal Council and Federal Executive and manages the business and affairs of the Victorian Branch.The current CPSU Branch Council comprises the following representatives (2020-... -->
Updated 05/03/2024
ACTU Executive calls for increased action to ensure an urgent and lasting ceasefire in Gaza.  The ACTU Executive resolution on Gaza was endorsed by our Victorian Branch Council at its last meeting in February.... -->
Updated 16/02/2024
CPSU Victoria are the Community and Public Sector Union who represent the Victorian Public Service (VPS) and related agencies.Joining CPSU is about improving the working environment for members. Rates of pay, career structures and employment conditions are all based within the Award and Agreements negotiated by unions. For example, CPSU negotiated the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement that ensures your wage increases each year. By joining CPSU you are ensuring you have a team behind ... -->
Updated 25/08/2023
Commencing in 1885, our union has been around for 137 years and has achieved incredible improvements in the conditions of the Victorian Public Sector workers.The Community and Public Sector Union was founded in 1885 as the Victorian Public Service Association by public servants who desperately wanted the foundation of an independent system for setting their pay and conditions for Victorian Public Service workers, and an end to the system of political patronage.Over 100 years later our broad aims... -->
Updated 22/06/2023
This article, written in 1985 by Jim McDonald as part of the VPSA Centenary celebrations, chronicles the the first hundred years of the CPSU.For most of the 20th century the Public Service Union in Victoria has fought to obtain a satisfactory, independent industrial tribunal, and this story provides a focus for our history.A thousand public servants crammed into the Athenaeum Hall in Collins Street, Melbourne after work on June 17, 1885, to form the union which, it was hoped, "would benefit all ... -->
Updated 22/06/2023
It's hard to fit 137 years of achievements into a brief summary - but we gave it a shot anyway.In the BeginningThe first meeting of CPSU, (then known as the Victorian Public Service Association) took place on 17 June 1885 when 1,000 colonial public servants crammed into the Athenaeum Hall in Collins Street.We already had 1900 members prior to this first general meeting.Ever since that meeting CPSU has worked towards improving the terms and conditions of employment of Victorian Government employe... -->
Updated 22/06/2023
CPSU, the Community and Public Sector Union, is a product of the amalgamation of the State Public Services Federation, the largest union covering state government employees in Australia, and the Public Sector Union, the former union for federal government employees.CPSU is a registered organisation under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. Our rules and activities are subject to that legislation.The union is divided into two groups:The SPSF (State Public Services Federation) Group... -->
Updated 22/06/2023
Our up to date registered rules are on the FWC website. Once you get to the FWC website, the National Rules, SPSF Group Federal Rules and SPSF Group Victorian Branch Rules are our current rules... -->
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The Victorian Branch Executive is made up of the Branch Officers and between meetings of Branch Council is responsible for the management of the Branch.The current branch executive (2020 - 2024) consists of:Peter LILLYWHITE (President)Carol BAKKER (Vice-President)Mark HALDEN (Vice-President)Karen BATT (Secretary)Wayne TOWNSEND (Assistant Secretary)... -->
Updated 22/06/2023
CPSU Victoria are the Community and Public Sector Union who represent the Victorian Public Service (VPS) and related agencies.Unions are organisations formed by workers with a common purpose to improve their pay and working conditions. Unions select representatives to negotiate with employers in a process known as collective bargaining. When successful, the bargaining results in an Enterprise Agreement that improve wages and workplace conditions.Unions have a democratic structure, holding electi... -->